Make a Free Arizona Bill of Sale

Make a Free Arizona Bill of Sale

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What is the Arizona Bill of Sale?

A Arizona bill form of sale is a legal document which completes the transfer of ownership for property. An Arizona bill of sale must contain certain information to make it valid. But, you don't necessarily need a bill. You may not require a bill for personal items that are smaller, but it is still a good idea to have one. It can show that the new owner has legal right to the item.

What are the most common Arizona bills of sale?

Arizona's most popular bills of sales include a general bill of personal property sale, a vehicle bill of sell, a bill of a vessel, a Bill of Sale for a Boat, and a Bill of Sale for a Gun.

How do I create an Arizona bill of sale

The basic Arizona bill-of-sale includes information about both buyer and seller.

  • The legal names (printed).

  • The date that the bill was created

  • The selling price of the item

  • The seller and buyer must sign the agreement.

Certain Arizona bills of sale must also be signed in front a notary. An Arizona bill can be written in plain English. It does not need to include legal jargon. It is important to keep in mind that the bill must include all required elements. If you are a part of the bill of sales, ensure that you have at least one copy.

Are you required to have an Arizona bill of sale in order to register a motor car?

No. Arizona bills of sale are not required for motor vehicle registration in Arizona. The vehicle must be registered within 15 calendar days after purchase. To register your vehicle you will need to complete the Title-and-Registration Application (Form 96-0236). You also need to complete a Sale Notice.

Are you required to fill out an Arizona Bill of Sale Form in order to register a boat

Yes. To register a boat in Arizona, you will need to have a bill. The Arizona Fish & Game Agency is responsible for the registration. Also, you will need to fill out a Boat Registration Application.

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